Notes on a Place

Notes on a Place is a series focusing on the experiential nature of urban space, the starting point of which is the representation of the experience of the surrounding space.

The pictures in the series are reconstructed observations of my surroundings. I change the spatiality and the condition of the buildings, so that their function changes or disappears completely, and they are not tied to a specific time or place.

By digitally detaching buildings from their surroundings, places become artificial, and their three-dimensionality is lost. The everyday scene presents itself as an unusual, stage-like imitation of itself.

The series Notes on a Place was captured in Finland and Iceland between 2015-2022 and has been widely shown in publications and exhibitions both in Finland and abroad.

Notes on a Place -book, published by Khaos Publishing was awarded at the The Most Beautiful Books by The Finnish Book Art Committee.

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